For nearly two decades, we have brought innovative products, services, and supports to organizations by devising solutions and improving organization's competitive positions. We are constantly expanding by incorporating current technology and responding to trends to develop products that assist our customers to grow and enhance their business processes.

Our Mission is to Support Organizations to Reach Their Goals.



We pursue our mission by embodying the Values of:     Respect: for one another, our client organizations,       preferred partners, people with disabilities and the       elderly, families, and people who attend our training       programs or receive our services.

  1. Personal Growth: achievement through a focus on             excellence.

  2. Excellence: performance leading to productive       outcomes.

  3. Honesty: integrity in our interactions.

  4. Dignity: exhibited in our performance, coupled with warmth and regard.

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Founded in 1995, The VISIONS Center worked with non-profit and, for-profit organizations many with budget in excess of 150 million, county and state agencies, trade associations, and private foundations supporting people with disabilities, the elderly, and children and adults with autism. We also work with private Funds and Foundations to allocate money and support new fund raising opportunities.The VISIONS Center widened its base in 2004, and began working with an array of companies engaged in manufacturing and service industries.


I want to thank you for visiting our web page. We are hopeful that our site will assist you to locate information quickly and to gain a sense of who we are and what products and services we offer. Finding solutions! That's our objective. Our products, services, and training programs were designed to offer practical solutions to assist organizations and businesses to grow and prosper. Using current theories and practices, we focus on current trends to build a competitive edge for today and for the future. To accomplish this, we work in close partnership with our customers to develop internal systems and long-term solutions.
Please let us know if there is anything we can add to the products and services we offer that would be helpful.
We welcome feedback and look forward to assisting you and your organization in the future. On behalf of the staff and myself, thank you for visiting our web site.

  Margaret J. Gould President/CEO

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